Meet ScrappySlim

Posted on Feb 8, 2011 in ScrappySlim Blog

Who is ScrappySlim? Where did she come from? Why is she here? Why should I be interested in what she has to say here in CyberSpace?

These are all very good questions and I intend to answer each one completely.  Thanks for asking.

ScrappySlim is a real person, but that’s not the person’s real name. So she’s an alter-ego, an avatar or something similar. ScrappySlim came about when a screenname was needed for a TeamBeachBody sign in to become a TBB Coach and tell everyone about Shakeology. ScrappySlim loves her Shakeology.  The “Scrappy” comes from the Close To My Heart  part of ScrappySlim’s life. She is a CTMH consultant and loves to create projects, cards and scrapbook layouts with CTMH products. The “Slim” part of ScrappySlim is her goal. Using Shakeology and TBB workouts and MOVING more, eating better, ScrappySlim will be exactly that soon. SLIM.  Also ScrappySlim is from Texas and Slim sounds western and it’s cool.

Why is ScrappySlim here? ScrappySlim is here to educate her readers about health. ScrappySlim is also passionate about Young Living Essential Oils. Using these oils for her health and the health of her family has been eye-opening.  YLEO can be so important for so many ailments, from a cold to trigeminal neuralgia. There is relief available using these essential oils. Purity is the key and YLEO are the purest. Flip over to the Oils page for more, and tune in for the “TWO Tips” (This Week’s Oil) on Tuesdays.  ScrappySlim wants everyone to have the confidence in oils- they do work. The best part is that they work without side effects.

Why should you be interested in what ScrappySlim has to say? Because it’s real. ScrappySlim’s goal is to educate and provide tips for easier living. For making the healthful lifestyle not just about tofu. ew. ScrappySlim wants all her friends to be healthy so we can do 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathons together. We can hoop (yes hula hooping IS exercise, and it’s FUN), walk the dog and make paper projects well into our 90′s. You can follow ScrappySlim on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see more of what she’s doing to get healthier.  Health should be a lifestyle, not just a resolution.

Give ScrappySlim a chance to show you that no matter what age you are right now, you CAN be fit and live a healthy lifestyle.